LogDNA Integration

Instructions on how to integrate your environment with LogDNA

With the LogDNA(https://logdna.com) integration, all the stdout from your services will be sent to LogDNA.

To enable this, add the following module to your environment opta.yml:

name: <name>
org_name: <org>
providers: ...
  - type: base
  - type: k8s-cluster
  - type: k8s-base
  - type: helm-chart # <-- Add this for LogDNA support
    chart: agent
    repository: https://assets.logdna.com/charts
    version: 203.1.0
        key: <your ingestion key>
        tags: staging # any custom tags that you need

Run opta apply and that’s it! You should see your logs in logDNA shortly.

Last modified September 22, 2021: Updating latest references (62bb6e2)