Adds dns to your environment

This module creates a Route53 hosted zone for your given domain. The k8s-base module automatically hooks up the load balancer to it for the domain and subdomain specified, but in order for this to actually receive traffic you will need to complete the dns setup.


  • domain - Required. The domain you want (you will also get the subdomains for your use)
  • delegated - Optional. Set to true once the extra dns setup is complete and it will add the ssl certs. Default False
  • upload_cert - Optional. Deprecated Default False


  • zone_id - The ID of the hosted zone created
  • name_servers - The name servers of your hosted zone (very important for the dns setup)
  • domain - The domain again
  • cert_arn - The arn of the ACM certificate which is used for ssl.
Last modified September 22, 2021: Updating latest references (62bb6e2)