Creates an S3 bucket for storage purposes

This module creates an S3 bucket for storage purposes. It is created with server-side AES256 encryption.


  - name: bucky
    type: aws-s3
    bucket_name: dev-runx-bucky
        - "PUT"
      max_age_seconds: 3600
        - ""


When linked to a k8s-service or IAM role/user, this adds the necessary IAM permissions to read (e.g. list objects and get objects) and/or write (e.g. list, get, create, destroy, and update objects) to the given s3 bucket. The current permissions are, “read” and “write”, defaulting to “write” if none specified


  • bucket_name - Required. The name of the bucket to create.
  • same_region_replication - Optional. Create a same-region bucket for replica storage (needed for compliance). Can be added later without destroying the resource. Default False
  • block_public - Optional. Block all public access. Default True
  • bucket_policy - Optional. A custom s3 policy json/yaml to add. Default None
  • cors_rule - Optional. A custom cors policy. Default None


  • bucket_id - The id of the S3 bucket
  • bucket_arn - The arn of the S3 bucket
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