Plugs a custom helm chart into your Opta k8s cluster


  • chart - Required. Name of the helm chart. Note that you don’t need to use <repo_name>/<chart_name> - as repo is specified separately. Just do <chart_name>. If you’re using a local chart, then this will be the path to the chart.

  • repository - Optional. The helm repository to use (null means local chart) Default None

  • namespace - Optional. The kubernetes namespace to put the chart in Default default

  • create_namespace - Optional. Create namespace as well. Default False

  • atomic - Optional. If set, installation process purges chart on fail. The wait flag will be set automatically if atomic is used. Default True

  • cleanup_on_fail - Optional. Allow deletion of new resources created in this upgrade when upgrade fails Default True

  • chart_version - Optional. User side of the version of the helm chart to install Default None

  • values_file - Optional. Path to a values file. Default None

  • values - Optional. Values override. Default {}

  • timeout - Optional. Time in seconds to wait for any individual kubernetes operation (like Jobs for hooks). Default 600

  • dependency_update - Optional. Runs helm dependency update before installing the chart. Default True


Last modified September 22, 2021: Updating latest references (62bb6e2)