Creates a GCS bucket for storage purposes

This module creates a GCS bucket for storage purposes. It is created with encryption based on the default kms key created for you in the base, as well as the standard AES-256 encryption.


When linked to a gcp-k8s-service, this adds the necessary IAM permissions to read (e.g. list objects and get objects) and/or write (e.g. list, get, create, destroy, and update objects) to the given gcs bucket. The current permissions are, “read” and “write”. These need to be specified when you add the link.


  • bucket_name - Required. The name of the bucket to create.
  • block_public - Optional. Block all public access. Default True


  • bucket_id - The id of the bucket.
  • bucket_name - The name of the bucket.
Last modified September 22, 2021: Updating latest references (62bb6e2)