Tutorials and concepts for Opta

Changing Domains

How to change domains for your Opta environment.

Continuous Deployment

Instructions to integrate with the CI/CD platform of your choice

Cron jobs

How to run Cron jobs with Opta

Custom image

Instructions to use a custom docker image


How to debug your app

Environment Variables

How to pass in custom environment variables to your containers


How to expose your app on the internet

Inter Service Communication

Communication between services


Creating secrets for your application

Securely Accessing Opta Networks Locally

Instructions to securely access network endpoints in an Opta environment

Templatization Variables

How to templative parameters for multiple environments

Local Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Opta Local

AWS VPC Peering

Guide on how to peer AWS VPCs

Deploy to AWS Button

Allow your users to fill out their AWS Opta templates with the click of a button.

ECR Access

Guide on how to authorize image pulling from ECR

GCR Access

Guide on how to authorize image pulling from GCR

IAM Guidance

How to configure your iam to work with Opta