Environment Variables

How to pass in custom environment variables to your containers

Opta allows you to pass in custom environment variables to your k8s-service (AWS or GCP).

Just use the env_vars field:

name: hello-world
  - name: staging
    path: "staging/opta.yml"
  - name: app
    type: k8s-service
      http: 80
    image: ...
    healthcheck_path: ...
    public_uri: ...
      API_KEY: "value"

With this configuration, your container will get an env var named API_KEY with the value value!

You can also use Opta’s interpolation features to refer to other values:

  • “{layer_name}” refers to the current yml file’s name
  • “{parent_name}” refers to the parent file’s name
  • “{variables}” refers to templatization variables
  • “{parent.output}” where output is the name of one of parent module’s outputs (consult the module reference for output names)
Last modified September 22, 2021: Updating latest references (62bb6e2)