Inter Service Communication

Communication between services
  • All inter-communication is handled by the Linkerd service mesh. Linkerd provides mTLS, load balancing, retries and many other reliability/security features.

  • Opta creates a private subnet where all the services run. So every service is inaccessible from the outside, by default. You can enable external requests by using the public_uri field.

  • Every service also gets an internal-only domain name that can be used by other services to connect to it. The name is <module-name>.<service-name>. Requests sent to this domain will automatically get load balanced b/w all healthy containers.

For example, the following service, will be available at app.hello-world from any other service in the same environment.

name: hello # service name
  - name: staging
    path: "opta.yaml"
  - type: k8s-service
    name: app # module name
      http: 80