A independently managed set of modules.

What is a Layer?

You can add all your modules to an environment file, but if you want more granularity you can define some layers.

A layer provision some modules together as a single unit.

A layer has the following properties:

  • an unique name
  • the environment(s) to use with the layer
  • a list of modules

When to use layers?

The most common use cases are:

  • You would like to break down a large environment file into separate layers, so they can be maintained separately.
  • You have more than one environment and would like to avoid repeating the same modules in each environment file.
Service and environment files link
service_a.yaml is a layer file defining a kubernetes service


A layer is defined in a yaml file.

Example a layer for a kubernetes service with a database.

name: mernbackend
  - name: awsenv
    path: "../awsenv.yaml"
  - name: mernbackend
    type: k8s-service
    public_uri: "/mernbackend"
      - mongodb:
         -  mongodb_atlas_connection_string: MONGODB_URI
            db_user: MONGODB_USER
            db_password: MONGODB_PASSWORD
  - name: mongodb
    type: mongodb-atlas

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