Using Other Service Meshes

How to use a different service mesh (instead of Linkerd)

Using Other Service Meshes

Opta does not force Linkerd on its users, but merely makes it the default due to its clear merits, and popularity over other service meshes like Istio. An Opta user is free to use alternative service meshes by disabling the Linkerd installation in the k8s-base Opta module of their environment. This is done by adding the linkerd_enabled: false as a field like so:

name: staging
org_name: my-org
    region: us-east-1
    account_id: XXXX # Your 12 digit AWS account id
  - type: base
  - type: k8s-cluster
  - type: k8s-base
    linkerd_enabled: false

If installing a different service mesh, a user is then responsible to make sure that the services are being configured accordingly.

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