Creates a Mongodb Atlas database instance

This module creates a MondoDB Atlas cluster. Currently only supports AWS and Local providers in Opta.




When linked to a k8s-service, it adds connection credentials to your container’s environment variables as:

  • {module_name}_db_user
  • {module_name}_db_password
  • `{module_name}_mongodb_connection_string

The permission list can optionally have one entry which should be a map for renaming the default environment variable names to a user-defined value:

  - db:
      - db_user: DBUSER
        db_password: DBPASS
        db_mongodb_connection_string: DBCONNSTRING

If present, this map must have renames for all 3 fields.


Name Description Default Required
region MongoDB Atlas Cluster Region, must be a mongodb region for the provider. None True
mongodb_instance_size MongoDB Atlas Cluster size, see this: M0 True
mongodbversion The version of the database to use. 4.4 False
database_name The name of the mongodb database mongodb_database False
mongodb_atlas_project_id The Atlas project ID Notknown True

Last modified August 5, 2022 : Cleanup install script (#197) (2175394)