Plugs a custom helm chart into your Opta k8s cluster


Name Description Default Required
chart Name of the helm chart. Note that you don’t need to use <repo_name>/<chart_name> - as repo is specified separately. Just do <chart_name>. If you’re using a local chart, then this will be the path to the chart. None True
release_name The name the chart installation is to have. None False
repository The helm repository to use (null means local chart) None False
namespace The kubernetes namespace to put the chart in default False
create_namespace Create namespace as well. False False
atomic If set, installation process purges chart on fail. The wait flag will be set automatically if atomic is used. True False
cleanup_on_fail Allow deletion of new resources created in this upgrade when upgrade fails True False
chart_version User side of the version of the helm chart to install. Note– this IS required for remote charts (in a repository and not from local filesystem). None False
values_files A list of paths to a values files. Values will be merged, in order, as Helm does with multiple -f options. [] False
values_file Path to a values file. None False
values Values override. {} False
timeout Time in seconds to wait for any individual kubernetes operation (like Jobs for hooks). 600 False
dependency_update Runs helm dependency update before installing the chart. True False
wait Will wait (for as long as timeout) until all resources are in a ready state before marking the release as successful. True False
wait_for_jobs Will wait (for as long as timeout) until all Jobs have been completed before marking the release as successful. False False
max_history The max amount of helm revisions to keep track of (0 for infinite) 25 False

Last modified August 5, 2022 : Cleanup install script (#197) (2175394)