SSL without configuring DNS

Add a Secure SSL on Load Balancer without configuring DNS.

Opta enables the capability to add Self Signed Certificates over their Load Balancers without the need of configuring a Cloudfront, or a Domain Name.

This enables testing SSL (with insecure mode) and helps to test features which require SSL like GRPC.

How to expose a Secure Port

With Opta configurations, just set the expose_self_signed_ssl flag as true with the k8s-base (AWS/GCP) opta module.

The above configurations will help expose the Secure Port for accessing the Hello Opta service.

# Get the Load Balancer URL/IP based on the provider using the opta output command
export load_balancer=<load_balancer_url / load_balancer_ip>
# Testing without SSL
curl "http://$load_balancer/hello"
<p>Hello from Opta.!</p>
# Testing with SSL
curl "https://$load_balancer/hello" --insecure
<p>Hello from Opta.!</p>
# Get the certificate details
curl -vvI  "https://$load_balancer" --insecure

You can use this feature of Opta to create your own Services which may require using an SSL Certificate.

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