Sets up a AWS SQS queue


When linked to a k8s-service or IAM role/user, this adds the necessary IAM permissions to publish (e.g. put new messages) and/or subscribe (e.g. read/remove messages) to the given queue. The current permissions are, “publish” and “subscribe”, defaulting to [“publish”, “subscribe”,] if none specified. Link also grants encrypt/decrypt permission for the queue’s KMS key.


Name Description Default Required
fifo FIFO queue or not False False
content_based_deduplication FIFO queue or not False False
delay_seconds Seconds to delay passing the message forward 0 False
message_retention_seconds The number of seconds SQS retains a message. 345600 False
receive_wait_time_seconds The seconds for which a ReceiveMessage call will wait for a message to arrive (long polling) before returning. Must be an int from 0-20. 0 False


Name Description
queue_arn Arn of the queue just created
queue_name Name of the queue just created
queue_id ID of the queue just created

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