How it works?

How it works?

Opta is based around the concept of Infrastructure-As-Code. You write configuration files and then run the Opta CLI - which connects to your cloud account and sets things up to reflect the configuration. The Opta CLI can be run from your local machine or a CI/CD system (like jenkins or Github actions).

There are two primary kinds of configuration files:

  • Environment: This file specifies which cloud/account/region should Opta be set up in. Running Opta on this creates all the base resources like a kubernetes cluster, networks, IAM roles, ingress, service mesh, etc. Usually, you’d have 1 env for staging, 1 for prod, 1 for qa, etc. You can also do one environment per engineer or pull request - which gives everyone an isolated sandbox to play in!
  • Layer: This file specifies the workload you want to run (usually a microservice). You can also specify any non-k8s resources such as a database or some custom Terraform - and Opta will connect them seamlessly.

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