Creates base infrastructure for k8s environments

This module is responsible for all the base infrastructure we package into the Opta K8s environments. This includes:

  • Ingress Nginx to expose services to the public
  • Linkerd as our service mesh.
  • Cert Manager for internal ssl
  • A custom load balancer and dns routing built to handle the Ingress Nginx which we set up.


Name Description Default Required
nginx_high_availability Deploy the nginx ingress in a high-availability configuration. False False
nginx_enabled Enable the ingress nginx installation. True False
linkerd_high_availability Deploy the linkerd service mesh in a high-availability configuration for its control plane. False False
linkerd_enabled Enable the linkerd service mesh installation. True False
nginx_config Additional configuration for nginx ingress. Available options {} False
expose_self_signed_ssl Expose self-signed SSL certs. False False
cert_manager_values Certificate Manager helm chart additional values. Available options {} False
linkerd_values Linkerd helm chart additional values. Available options {} False
ingress_nginx_values Ingress Nginx helm chart additional values. Available options {} False


Name Description
load_balancer_raw_ip str

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